by Thanos Tsouanas
based on and inspired by a Dream

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This is the story of why, friend, and how I died or how I came to be what I once feared …what I once feared…
Bewitched by spells, spells yet uncast right lied the present, left the past I burnt the fire, I froze the ice I walked with vermin, rats and mice I swam the lakes and flew the skies fed fruits to hungry butterflies inflamed the Witch’s shining eyes they shone bright stars of worlds divine In this forest I’ll die In this forest I’ll die I don’t know how Please tell me how I don’t know why Please tell me why Why I’m here Where the tongueless speaks the blind one sees what you and I ignored in shades of fear Feels like a dream tonight: Her smile, Her eyes, Her love Lo, a beauty immense She sleeps in my arms beseeching my touch, my fondling caress Feels like a dream tonight: Lo, a beauty immense Her smile, She sleeps in my arms, Her eyes beseeching my touch; Her love, my fondling caress In this forest lie birds who cannot fly yet they touched no ground as they danced around by my side and sung notes which were yet unsung “Now lost I wander—Find me! Why won’t you—Find me! Find me! forgive me now, my Love!” In this forest I’m lost the creatures I call they always hide …except them mockingbirds, evoking… …Her smile …Her eyes …Her stars …Her flame …Her love In this forest I died In this forest I died I don’t know when It’s been too long But I know why I know this time It was me! Now, the memories rise The bodiless burns The heartless loves and hurts the mindless learns The blinded sees the truth Nonplussed the Witch, I know this time, I know this time I know this time, I know this time I know this time, I know this time It was me! In this forest fly countless butterflies yet they made no sound as they wept and cried by my side and shed tears which were yet unshed I wrote the words that broke my spell I scrib’d them wrong, I could not tell I froze the fire, I burnt the ice I killed the flame inside Her eyes! Still dreaming of my Witch’s kiss which sealed the spell and brought us bliss once woken up, daymare begins those cursed words, they broke Her wings Retrembling the fears recrying the tears recalling the lies repenting the words And… now I know, I know… …and I hear my Loved One’s cry …deciding our trail of love from bliss to suicide? In this forest fly those who cannot die yet we never breathe—yes I’m one of them still in love we fall, and in end we hope and we count the years One, two, three, … Bright was the present, dark’s the past caressed a relic, not first, nor last and in this heart of mine—Ah! Her name still echoes:

Music: Thanos
Orchestration: Thanos
Lyrics: Thanos
Painting: Keoma

Vocals, piano, keyboards, classical guitar, baroque recorders (soprano, alto, tenor, basso), cretan laouto, ocarina, glockenspiel, mandolin, toubeleki, and tambourine, poorly performed by Thanos.

Collage of various photos from the recording sessions

Composed, written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Thanos in Belém (Brazil), Lyon (France), and Athens (Greece), from August to December, 2014.

I am indebted to Keoma Calandrini for his mesmerizing gift, the painting you see on the background. A big thanks also goes to Yiannis Tzi Tselekounis whose cretan laouto I borrowed for the recordings, and to Statharas Lytras and Julyana de Almeida for their helpful feedback during the video editing of the clip.

More information and photos coming soon.