by Thanos Tsouanas

Work in progress!
Exceptionally, I publish a draft version of Lunaby, today that is Luna's first birthday. Happy birthday Luna! I hope she'll excuse the awful sound and the countless mistakes, and be patient until I release the final version of it, later on this year! Until then...

Late dusk in a grove a sweet melody is heard; ’tis a black music box it is lullying a girl dressed in white who sleeps tight as she’s watched by the countless glowing eyes of the hidden creatures of the night… When a long serpent slowly approaches the girl… …snaking his tail around and ’round her legs… …she wakes up. He raises his head until it is facing hers; the girl looks the snake in the eyes. He sticks his scissored tongue out, he shows his venomous fangs, then he hisses these words: “’Twas a missstake ssssleeping here, little girl, darknessss is coming sssso sssoon! Nocturnal beassstss will feasssst on your flesssh, and now... you will fear the dark...nesssss!” “Fear, I know not this word, little snake, my light shines the darkness away. Wolves praise my beauty, wise owls speak my will, my crickets spread secrets of Night.” Thus spake the girl and she rose in the sky; rivers, lakes, seas, they reflected her face. “What is your name?”, growled the reptile surprised, “Noone standsss fearlessss when meeting my gaze!” “Luna’s her name, you slithering fool, and Night is her queendom”, an old fox replied from behind. “Luna’s her name and the stars are her jewels”, three nighthawklings cried, striking fear ’nto the snake’s golden eyes.

Music: Thanos
Orchestration: Thanos
Lyrics: Thanos

Vocals, keyboards, piano, and classical guitar, poorly performed by Thanos.

Composed, written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Thanos in Parnamirim (Brazil, RN), in May and June of 2015.

More information and photos coming soon.

The black music box

I created the black music box for Luna, with two of her lullaby's melodies. It is now hers. :)